How To || Go To Bonnaroo

Bonnaroo is an insane experience. The entire four-day experience is like nothing else on Earth. A massive, zealous crowd and a location that is miles away from civilization in the literal and figurative sense combine to make Bonnaroo the "happiest place on Earth". The heat is such that when the sun goes down, the real party starts. Time to whip out your people watching glasses, because Bonnaroo is a wild ride with characters at every turn. 
If you're afraid of a little sleep deprivation, just stay home. The party does. Not. Stop. Set times can start at 2:00 am, and there is always a stage that plays on through the night. You might be rewarded for your all-night antics by a surprise Skrillex set at 6:00 a.m, or an all night party with Cherub. The heat is so brutal during the day, its tough to really get into the festival mood. But as dusk sets in, the magic begins and all kinds of interesting creatures come out of hiding. 
So the crowd is crazy. We got that part down. Now, how about some festival hacks? 

Bring a tent for each person. Its brutally, brutally hot and you don't need to magnify it by sleeping next to someone. And if you can, bring a battery operated fan! Not only one for your tent, but a hand held one also. 

Bring a tailgate tent to cover your entire camping area. For the love of God, do not forgo this advice. Come sunrise (which may be when you finally crawl into your tent) the sun is brutal enough to turn your tent into an oven. 

Don't worry about festival "style". This ain't no Coachella. Wear whatever the heck you want, as long as its comfortable and cool. You will see grown men in children's minions pajamas. But ideally you should wear close-toed shoes, because its dusty and dirty and there's no good showers. 

Gas up the car right before you get to Manchester, TN. You will be stalling in traffic, and you will need your car for it's air conditioning in the morning. 

Invest in an external battery pack. This will save you if you get lost and your phones dead (not that theres much cell phone service anyways). Plus if you didn't snapchat it, did it really happen? 

Load up on H20. No, not cases of bottled water. That wont be good enough (and bottled water is terrible for the environment!). Grab as many of those huge water jugs with spigots as you can. And don't store them in your car, or else they will boil. Bring a reusable water bottle and keep topping it off. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Load up before you go. Theres nothing, and I mean nothing in this town. Load up on food, beer, ice, and water before you get there. Ice is available for purchase but it is the hottest frozen commodity possible. 

Don't bother with VIP. The only real perk is you get close camping (which conversely means you hear the party all night) and a happy hour on Thursday night. Otherwise, it only scores you your own entrance line, and a viewing area thats miles away from the main stage where you can purchase only Miller and Coors.... hm no thanks! 

So, if you're heading to "Roo, prepare for the heat, pre-hydrate, and get ready to let loose! Its a party like no other! 

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