Album Review || Pageant Material || Kacey Musgraves

                            PHOTO: MERCURY NASHVILLE

While many artists wait with bated breath for the public to react to their newly-released music, we get the feeling that Kacey Musgrave's hits the proverbial send button and rolls a joint. The Texas-born singer-songwriter has never been one to be afraid, as evident in her many lyrical middle-fingers to the country music status-quo. 

She in fact, says it herself on the track Good Ol Boys Club, 
"Another gear in a big machine don't sound like fun to me
Don't wanna be a part of the good ol' boys club"

Pageant Material proves to be perfect follow-up of her first studio album. Songs about love, heartbreak, and carving out your own path in life make up the track list. Add in some "coming of age", and some "coming to terms with your small-town roots", and you have an album that is relatable but one of a kind. 

Musgrave's should be seen as an inspiration to us all, as she never wavers from her strong beliefs and style. Sonically, there is no shortage of steel guitar and mandolin to remind you of the beauty of traditional country music. 

Pageant Material did not make Musgrave's the darling of the Grammys a second time, but that is due more to the format of the show than it is a reflection of the record's quality. Make no mistake, Pageant Material is worthy of a sash and crown. 

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