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A few months ago I was sitting at home on an off day when one of my friends who lives in Nashville called me. It was a friend that I hadn't spoken to in a while but I knew she is always up to date on who is up and coming in Nashville. That's exactly what that phone call that day was about. She introduced me to a new rock band called the New Schematics. She spoke so highly of them and with such an enthusiasm that as soon as I hung up the phone I listened to the demos she sent me. And then, I listened to them again. And again. And again.

That's how good these guys are. I was so excited to be in contact with both Corey and Michael the same day. They both were extremely professional and passionate about their music. I could pick that up from a text message alone. It ended up working out that I was going to Nashville within the next few weeks and we planned to meet up for coffee.

Their single, "Born Without Borders" arrived in my email inbox at exactly the right moment. I wish I could say that I was exaggerating when I say the previous sentence but I am not. I had a huge move to Nashville planned out (and then fell through) and had a 3 month mission trip to Hawaii lined up the first time I heard the song. The lyrics of a song have NEVER hit so close to home. And, trust me, I listen to a lot of music. It truly gave me chill bumps to hear this song.

"born and raised in the southesast" -- hello montevallo, alabama
"gonna make it fine off of kindness and coca cola" -- my 2 essentials in life
"she didn't fall in love but she stumbled on growing up" -- only 2 weeks into hawaii and I already feel like I've grown more in the past 2 weeks than I have in the past 2 years
"funny thing about faith, it's hard as hell to fake" -- amen and amen. 
"I was born without borders" -- took me 24 years to believe this but I was born without any borders and so were you :) 

I have always been the girl in my family that wants to go. It could be anywhere, I've just always liked going. It could be going to the grocery store for my mother or flying 5,000 miles away from every one and every thing I know to challenge myself to grow as a disciple of the Lord. I've always loved going. But, it's been a challenge sometimes to let go of what other people want and think is best for me and really hold onto what I know is best for me. The meaning of it all is if you want to go 5 miles away or 5,000 miles away, you have no borders. There is no set rule anywhere that says you have to stay in that small town you grew up in jut to please someone. You don't have to stay in an abusive relationship. You don't have to become a doctor when your passion is art. You have NO borders.

I think I spent close to 2 hours with the guys that day just in the coffee shop talking about life-- about my upbringing, my family, my dreams, their upbringing, their family and their dreams. I've been so blessed to meet a lot of musicians and artists and I can say Michael and Corey are hands down in the top 5 of genuine and passionate artists. 

I'm so excited to introduce you guys to such a great new band. I hope that you'll give them a listen and help support them by clicking below. I cannot wait to get back to the states this fall and catch a show and give y'all so much more behind the scenes info. Make sure you're following the guys on the social media below (they rock at Instagram) and give "Born Without Borders" a listen-- and hold on to your socks because single two is coming soon-- and it is SO good.

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