How To || Go To The Hangout Festival

We don’t like to play favorites, but the Hangout Fest in Orange Beach, Alabama is our all-time favorite music festival. Set directly on the beach (the stages are literally set on sand), you can enjoy your favorite bands with a nice sea breeze. Here at Southern Samplings, we're Hangout Fest veterans, so allow us to share our tips and tricks to help you get the most out of the greatest festival going.
                                                                    PEPPER OPENS THE HANGOUT FEST FROM THE SURF STAGE 
Get your condo EARLY! These fill up quickly. Moderately priced accommodations are available, especially if you have a group of people. There are shuttles that run both East and West of the festival. You’ll have to wait on them, but it’s not too bad. There is no official parking at the festival, but there is minimal sketchy street parking, and neighbors will let you pay to park in their yard. 

                                                                                          VIEW OF THE HANGOUT STAGE FROM VIP
If at all possible, splurge for VIP. The early bird prices on these are just under $1K. They include OPEN BAR, beer only by the stages, unless you do Super VIP. VIP includes up front viewing areas by the two main stages, real bathrooms, two swimming pools overlooking the mainstage, and your own oasis lounge. Even for the headliners, the crowd in the VIP is sparse, meaning you can get up close and personal with your favorite acts. 

                                                                                  THE GRISWOLDS TAKE THE HANGOUT STAGE
Aside from the two main stages, the festival boasts a handful of unique smaller stages. The Malibu Beach House and the Boom Boom Tent both offer an all-day party, and the BMI Stage has the ocean as a backdrop. The Hangout rocks at picking up-and-coming artists who either blow up right before their Hangout set, or right after. This means you can see the big names of the future in an intimate setting (think Twenty-One Pilots), or enjoy a packed out love-fest as the fans roll deep (think Moon Taxi and Skrillex). 

Additionally, the Hangout Fest is an artist favorite, meaning unlike at other festivals, the artists often hang around. You could be rubbing elbows with your favorite daytime act while grabbing a beer for the headliner in VIP! Just look for the guys in skinny jeans on the beach. 
                                                 THE MUDDY MAGNOLIAS AT THE BMI STAGE AT THE HANGOUT FESTIVAL
This festival boasts a crowd of about 30,000, which, in comparison to Austin City Limits and Coachella's 250,000, is a breath of fresh air. The more intimate crowd makes for a much better overall experience. Additionally, the festival is over by 11pm. You'll get a good night's sleep and be ready for a day at the beach that doubles as a music festival! 

As for the sartorial style at the Hangout?  Frat daddies abound. Tevas and chacos and rainbows abound. High-waisted jorts and bikinis abound. Do not wear open-toe shoes, you will regret it after the 100th time you empty sand out. Dress casual, and for heat and humidity. This is the perfect festival to break out the fanny pack. Most importantly, wear SUNSCREEN! Hangout is prime for sunburn watching. 
                                                                                    VOLLEYBALL AT THE HANGOUT FESTIVAL 
Pensacola airport is the easiest option, but flights fill up fast and are steep. Try to book early. To get from the airport to your condo you’ll have to take a taxi. To load up on booze and groceries you’ll also have to take a taxi. Once you get there though, everything you need is within about a mile radius. Come to kick back, relax, and enjoy everything this amazing festival has to offer. 

We'll see you next year at the Hangout

Have you been to the Hangout? What was your experience? Did we leave out anything important? 

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