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I remember the first day I heard "My Church" on the radio.
What is this musical goodness blaring from the speakers right now?


I couldn't wait for the song to end to hear who it was. Maren Morris--ladies and gentlemen. While living in Cairo, Egypt for the past several months, Maren's EP played through that Bose speaker sitting in the courtyard of our sweet little house in the middle of the heart of Egypt. I know I saw one or two people stop and do a little jig while they heard "My Church" blaring through the gate. And then let's not skip "Company You Keep." The sweetest little tune that my friends and I would blare cruising the coast of Kona, Hawaii while yelling "we can walk right up the street where the locals go" like it was our theme song. And, my goodness, it was.

One of my sweet friends Mary Catherine is on Maren's team. I remember her texting me earlier this year while living in Hawaii just letting me know to get ready--that Maren Morris was on her way--and everyone needed to take notice and hold on for the ride.

And what a ride Maren is on. Her debut album was released a few weeks ago but I was kind of busy escaping an international security breech in Egypt (more on that later) and I'm finally back on the Big Island of Hawaii and getting to listen to all the tracks.

I could literally go on and on about everyone of these tunes. They are all so well written and produced. Maren is a writer on all eleven tracks of the album. Which, if anyone knows me, they know how much I love a good singer songwriter.

The album opens with a funky little number "Sugar."
just a little bit is all it takes like a coca cola on Christmas day
Funny back story--we went camping a few nights ago and it was an experience--Hawaii beaches and camping, I highly recommend!! We had to hike a mile down to the valley and a mile back up. When we got back to town all I wanted was a coke. "Sugar" was playing and I made a comment about how true the above line was. Everyone in the car is not southern and they all thought it was so weird--"coca cola on Christmas day? We only drink water and wine and Bubbly." Well, friends, come on over to Alabama and we'll show you what Maren was talking about.

"My Church" is the song of Maren's career. She'll always look back and think, 'wow, that song is what paved the way.' I can imagine in a year or two her strutting on LP field stage at CMA fest while everyone sings it back to her.

One of my favorites is "Drunk Girls Don't Cry." Don't we all have that one friend that goes back to the loser time and time again? If you don't have that one friend then chances are you're that friend. ;)
I wish I had a dime for every time that you tell me deep down he's a really good guy, that's like saying drunk girls don't cry, girl, you must be out of your damn mind
If you're with a guy that continually tells you--it's gonna be different this time--leave him. Or, be like Maren and write a smash about him.

The last tune I want to highlight is "Second Wind." This is my anthem. I've always felt like kind of the underdog in life. But, no matter what, I've always felt like I could overcome anything in my way.
say what you want about me, your words are gasoline on my fire // do what you do because what you do don't phase me // in a second I'm gonna catch my second wind
Everything about this year was a chance. Moving to Hawaii, moving to Egypt, facing adversities, being doubted, being hated, being questioned--all of it kept knocking me down. But, give me a second, and I'm gonna catch my second wind.

Make sure you grab a copy of her album in stores or on ITunes and then stream it all the day long on Spotify.

Maren--rock on. You've got a cheerleader from this Bama turned Hawaii gal for life.

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